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Real estate projects...
...require the highest level of experience and professional practice. During the last more than 20 years MID-Group did acquire essential experience and professionalism by close and team-oriented cooperation with its business partners which now are consequently implemented at all its developments and acquisitions.

Demand based analysis...
...of locations and markets are the most distinctive criteria of each successful real estate activity. Each project can not be successful, if numerous different users do not decide consciously and constantly for a specific property day by day due to evident advantages. Only daily competition to other projects reveals the qualities of location, planning and construction. These three things make the difference between “just another project” and an attractive, sustainable property which meets the various requirements of all its users, their clients and – finally – of its owner.

To develop, to buy and to trade...
...real estate properties requires not only experience and knowledge, but also quick and solid decision taking processes. Therefore MID-Group did implement modern management systems and a lean organisation, which focus on market demands. All responsible representatives did collect decades of experience in nearly all branches of real estate business locally and abroad. In addition to experience, flexibility and loyalty based on handshake agreements are the recipes for success of MID-Group
during the past as well as at present.

[01 07 2010] 

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